The Challenge

Our friends at digital agency Tailored Media and client Fisiocrem needed an effective video campaign that would target Aussie mums.

Research shows that when it comes to buying personal products such as sports rubs, mums are the ones who ultimately make the decision. Also Aussie mums are usually fit and active, so they themselves are also an end user and a key demographic.

We needed someone Aussies mums could relate to and connect with. Enter Fisiocrem brand ambassador, Olympic gold medallist and mother of 2, Libby Trickett. Libby was the perfect blend of being someone who is aspirational and a down to earth mum.


But how were we going to do it? We didn’t want her presenting to the camera like a host. This can come across a bit stale and inauthentic. So after some discussions with the agency and client we decided on a more subtle approach. We would film Libby doing a selection of everyday activities that were seemingly innocuous but were also strenuous on the body.

Activities an everyday mum could relate to: lifting up her baby, playing with her kids, lifting heavy groceries onto the bench etc. This would all be tied together by Libby’s voice over talking about her life as a mum.



Tailored Media secured a great location for us, a friend’s lovely house in Brisbane. This location was great for a number of reasons:

  • It had a lot of natural light.
  • It had an open floor plan meaning we had lots of opportunities for different angles.
  • It had a number of different areas that could be filmed in that provided plenty of visual variety even though we were 
shooting in the same house. 


We shot for one day with Libby, Tailored Media and our amazing crew of technical wizards.

For this shoot we had 2 dynamic elements that we would have to be mindful of and plan accordingly. The first was the weather, even though the forecast was mainly fine you just never know. Because of the direction of the sun we scheduled to do our opening shot last, however some ominous clouds had moved in and it was very dark and threatened to rain.

This is when our amazing DP (Director of Photography) David Rusanow pulled out his magic.

With a few lights and a little knowhow, he made a dark and dreary late afternoon into beautiful morning sun. Cool huh!

The second was we were working with kids and as everyone knows, they’re often very unpredictable.

However the kids were great. It probably helped that Libby insisted on using her own kids for the shoot, as she thought it’s much more authentic.

We’re so glad she did because you can tell the genuine connection she has with them, that would just not be possible with paid talent. 

Where a lot of commercials tend to focus only on the great moments in life, we felt it important to show that being a mum and raising kids, is not all smiles and sunshine. So we included the crying baby scene that we’re sure all mums can relate to.

You’ll also notice in every scene Libby is doing something a little bit strenuous. It’s subtle but it’s there and the viewer can see how it all adds up.


The agency and client absolutely loved the commercial, they loved the look and feel of it and thought it did an excellent job presenting Libby as the down to earth and awesome mum that she is.

The TVC (Television Commercial) aired on Channel 10 during the Bachelor!(Naturally) The response was excellent and it was met with increased sales throughout the country. 


“Working with Bordertown Films for our latest Fisiocrem national TV ad campaign was hugely successful. We came to them with a simple idea of doing a TVC targeting mums but apart from that we didn’t really know what we wanted it to look like. They brought it to life, they understood exactly what we wanted to achieve and they absolutely excelled at producing an amazing TV ad. After the shoot we presented the client with the cut and they absolutely loved it. I’d absolutely recommend working with
Bordertown Films!”

Laura McCreesh
Senior Marketing Manager – Tailored Media


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