The Advantages of Corporate Videos for your Brisbane Business

More businesses are discovering the advantages of corporate videos Brisbane wide. Amazing things can happen when you expand your company’s resources to include audio and video. This could be the next big step in your marketing strategy.

Why you should contact Bordertown Films to start your corporate video production project:

Builds Interest and Brand Awareness  – Video content can generate a powerful emotional response. Your branding or product will likely be included in the commercial or short film. Viewers will associate that feeling with your organisation, leaving them with a lasting impression.

  • Must-Have Part of Your SEO Strategy – Putting corporate videos out there will give you an edge when it comes to SEO. You will appear in more search results compared to competitors who do not publish video content.
  • Videos Can Increase Conversion Rates – Video is known for increasing conversion rates. Case studies have found that landing pages with videos are as much as 80% more likely to convert visitor traffic into paying customers.
  • Internet Users Love Video Content – The value of videos on the web has increased significantly in recent years. Internet users love video content and are much more likely to click your link and engage your business.
  • Videos Are Easy to Share Online – We make corporate videos Brisbane wide that have the potential to reach global markets. Videos are more likely to be shared, which means you could reach thousands of people very quickly and without a high advertising budget.
  • Tap Into Growing Mobile Markets – Online videos are mobile-friendly. That means you can tap into the ever-growing mobile market. The number of mobile viewers is rising. It jumped by 400% in 2012 alone. More people are on mobile, which means your company needs to be as well.
  • Fortify Your Message or Call to Action – Video can show more in less time compared to other advertising mediums. We produce corporate videos Brisbane businesses use to fortify their message and strengthen their call to action.
  • Give Your Business Memorable Personality – The tone of the video will reflect on your company. Make your brand approachable and friendly. Send a message that says you have a sense of humor or that are reliable and committed to your product or service.

The Best Corporate Videos Brisbane Has to Offer Starts with Bordertown! 

Producing quality video content on your own can be a challenge. Instead, you can trust professionals who have the equipment, knowledge, and network to make it happen for you. Call Bordertown Films today to discuss your corporate video project.


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