CASE STUDY – Scoot Airlines, Singapore

Agency: Blk J, Singapore


Singapore advertising agency Blk J approached us to provide production support for an online promo video for their client, Scoot Airlines.

The shoot would follow a Singaporean family touring Queensland for a week, going to major attractions plus some lesser known ones.

Blk J was already in communication with TEQ (Tourism & Events QLD), who was assisting them with transportation, locations and approvals. And in terms of crew, Blk J was flying a director, art director and producer over. 

So what they needed was: DPs, a drone pilot, sound person, production assistant and all necessary equipment.

At our Skype pre-production meeting, we went through their storyboard and schedule, and gave suggestions on a couple of locations that they had yet to lock down. For example, the storyboard called for a beach shot that would capture Surfers Paradise in the distance, so we were able to advise which stretch of beach would work best for their shot. We then secured the crew for the 4-day shoot.




The locations included: Tangalooma Resort on Moreton Island, Charis Seafood, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Surfers Paradise and Movie World. 

It was a smooth shoot with many memorable experiences, such as the exhilarating sand tobogganing at Moreton Island and the frenzy of the pelican feeding at Charis Seafood.

Another highlight was mounting a camera on the DC Rivals HyperCoaster at Movie World. 

Once the camera was rigged, it had to go through 3 successful test runs before we could go ahead and get the shots. We had just an hour before the park opened to the public, so everything had run like clockwork. It went perfectly and we got some amazing shots of our talents howling from the adrenaline rush of the epic rollercoaster ride!

We wrapped the shoot on schedule, worked within budget and had a seamless working relationship with the team from Blk J.

CASE STUDY – Scoot Airlines, Singapore

Agency: Big 3, Singapore


Big 3 approached us because we’d collaborated previously when we were based in Singapore. As the end client was a money exchange app for travellers, they wanted to feature a stunning holiday destination. Gold Coast was just perfect with its beautiful coastline and pristine beaches. 

In terms of cast and crew, Big 3 had a director, camera department, producers and main talent flying over. Their client would also fly in for the shoot.

What they needed from us was: accommodation suggestions, transportation, locations, local crew and equipment, a dozen local talents as extras, and props. 

From the storyboard that they shared, they needed 2 locations. One was a café right on the beach and the other was a beach scene, preferably contained in 1 spot to minimise setup time.

With our local knowledge, we shortlisted 4 beachfront locations, from a restaurant in Surfers Paradise that looked out onto the beach, to the Vikings Surf Club in Currumbin.

We did our recces, and each location had their advantages. However, the outdoor dining section at Burleigh Surf Club came closest to what they needed, and it could be sectioned off as a private space, which was great. Furthermore, we could set up the beach scene following that just 50m from the surf club. We sent the photos over with our report and they took our recommendation, so we booked in Burleigh Surf Club and organised the filming permit with the city council. 

Next up was crew and equipment. We have a network of brilliant, trustworthy crew here, many of whom work on Hollywood film sets, so it was easy to organise the grip, gaffer, makeup artist and necessary equipment.

This shoot also called for a dozen talents in the background, as café diners and surfers. We handled the casting for these extras and also reached out to local boardrider clubs for the surfers. 

beach crew shoot case study 2

YouTrip App beach shoot case study


The team from Big 3 got in a day before the shoot, and we drove them around to the confirmed locations and a few other local spots that they could potentially use as B-roll if needed.

On the day of the shoot, the weather was brilliant, showing off the Gold Coast at its beautiful, sunny best. Our driver and his minibus went to pick up the Big 3 team, while we headed straight to location with the local crew to set up.

The shoot went very smoothly. The staff at Burleigh Surf Club was super helpful, catering to our needs for meal props and crew lunch efficiently. Another highlight of the shoot was the surfing scene, where the main talent tries to learn to surf using a door. The client wanted a few good surfers in the background as a contrast to how terribly the main talent was doing. The talents who responded to our call out were from boardriders clubs and were just incredible surfers.

Overall, we got some really amazing shots that the client was stoked about – and we wrapped on time, which is always great.

In the evening, we took the Singapore crew to local dining venue Miami Marketta for a casual catch up and to unwind post-shoot. It was great to be able to show them some of Gold Coast’s highlights and exceed their expectations for the project. 


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