The Lung Foundation Australia Creates Emotionally Charged TV Commercials To Help Launch Hope Research Fund

The Lung Foundation Australia has created a powerful TV commercial featuring real patients and their families, reminding us that lung disease impacts people from all walks of life, young and old.

The campaign was created by Queensland based Bordertown Films and Oyo Studio, and captures genuine, emotive moments with patients and their families.

Michel Itel, who stars in the television commercial with his wife and daughters, was just 42 when he was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer.

For weeks, Michel carried the weight of his shocking diagnosis with the support of his wife. Michel’s two beautiful daughters lost their Mum at a young age, so telling them that their Dad also had a terminal illness was heart-wrenching. Michel said, “research means I’m fortunate to have access to life-changing treatment as part of a trial. This treatment is giving me more precious time with my family – more birthdays, more holidays, more moments.”

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Source: B&T