The Top 8 Film Festivals in Brisbane in 2022

Brisbane has seen some significant developments in recent years on the arts and culture scene. The consequences of this have paved the way for a great number of new and established film festivals to take root in the city. Rapidly becoming a prime feature of Brisbane’s appeal, these festivals vary in both purpose and function. They attract visitors from all over the world, and it’s easy to see why. Despite the beautiful sunshine, sitting through some of these film screenings will never feel like a missing out kind of situation for avid film aficionados because there are unique qualities to each festival. Here is a guide for the top 8 film festivals you can find around Brisbane. 

Brisbane International Film Festival

Date: 27 October – 6 November 
Venue: Brisbane cinemas and theatres across the city. 


Tickets: Tickets range in price depending on the venue. Starting at $18 for an adult ticket and $15 for concession tickets, various venues also have tickets available for special film events. 

This festival is a whole event worth visiting. It is typically home to over 150 unique film depictions for viewers’ delight. It has been up and running for nearly 30 years, so that is just a testament to its popularity. It is a combination of both Australian born film projects and international ones too. Expect filmmakers, cast members, crew team, and more to be in attendance and ready to talk about their projects as well. 


Date: Usually, this festival is held in the first three weeks of February. This tradition is expected to carry on.
Venue: Various venues across Brisbane city, depending on the chosen event in the festival. 
Tickets: Tickets are priced per individual event, as found online. 

BrisAsia is a collaborative, multi-performance style event that encompasses the best of Asian culture right here in Brisbane. There are various stages, genres, films, music, food, theatre pieces, and more to pick from. That is why it lasts as long as it lasts because there is simply so much to be found. Live performances are truly breathtaking and you can find the likes of famous performers from all over the Asian culture scene come together in a vast collection of intriguing features. 

Iranian Film Festival

Date: There are events for this festival throughout the month of November. 
Venue: New Farm Cinemas, Brisbane. 

Tickets for opening night tend to start at $30. There are package deals available that account for a three, five, or full week pass depending on how many and which films you actually want to view. A five film pass has been $88, and an eight day pass for $135

Celebrating the successes of the Iranian film scene, this festival brings the most impactful pieces to a new light and a new stage for a wider audience to appreciate. All the new, most emotive and creative developments are shown during this festival and it is definitely one to watch. 

Queensland Film Festival

Date: May 26TH is set as the opening night of the festival. It will run over the course of a few weeks. 
Venue: There are multiple venues across Brisbane. New Farm Cinemas, Elizabeth Picture Theatres, The Gallery of Modern Art, and Institute of Modern Art all participate historically and are expected to again. 
Tickets: Adult tickets start at $17, and child tickets are $14. 

The Queensland film festival is well-known for its variety. It showcases contemporary cinema and the organisers hope it will re-energise local film culture by encouraging people to discuss the films they watched and enjoyed. Filmakers are encouraged to submit their movies for consideration but they must not have been screened on TV or online in Australia and Queensland respectively. 

Greek Film Festival

Date: August
Venue: All around Brisbane in various cinemas, galleries, and theatres. 
Tickets: Ticket prices start at $22 and go upwards depending on the package price and the number of events you attend. 

With government sponsorship, this event spans a vast range of insightful projects brought to life on the big screen in various formats. With native filmmakers and international ones too, there is a variety of genres and a range of acting, themes and general stunning visuals to be found here.

Australian Cinematheque

Date: Every Wednesday and Friday nights and Saturday and Sunday afternoons all year long. Exceptions are holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Day.  
Venue: Gallery of Modern Art,
Tickets: This ongoing event usually has free entry. On rare occasions, there are some ticketed movie events but these are advertised in advance as to avoid surprises on the door. 

This non-traditional festival focuses on the classic films of days gone by. Each week there is a screening of an old favorite to be seen in a thematic format. With original cinematic techniques, each film is presented as if it was in its infancy. This event has the advantage of general free entry unless it is a specific special focus day. So, if you love an old classic you can find one shown four times a week at the Gallery of Modern Art. This is a popular one, so if you are considering attending, make sure to arrive in plenty of time. 

British Film Festival

Date: 19TH October – 16TH November
Venue: This festival takes place across Palace Film Cinemas in Brisbane. 

Festival Overview

The Cunard British Film Festival showcases over 30 new films of emerging British talent. The focus, as the name suggests, is on the British film culture scene and is for new-ish artists to bring their films to the spotlight for people of all backgrounds to experience. There are lots to be found here, and the event has more than enough space to accommodate for whoever wishes to attend. Filmmakers are often in attendance at the premiers and there will be opportunities to see the people behind the magic. 

Spanish Film Festival

Date: April-May 
Venue: This festival takes place in Palace Film Cinemas across Brisbane. 


As the name suggests, there is a Spanish theme. Latino films and filmmakers are also featured heavily, and the whole festival centers around Spanish and Latin culture through the medium of videography. This multi-media approach encompasses all that Spanish culture has to offer, and there will be multiple (30+) films and more to be seen throughout the month. Plenty of opportunities throughout the month will also mean people get to meet the people behind the scenes and have their interests met with answers and engagement. This is a well renowned, popular festival and well worth attending, and that is why Brisbane supports putting it on year after year. 

Brisbane has come alive with culture in recent years. The last decade has seen such a big change that more tourist revenue comes in from festivals alone than ever before. Film festivals are always a popular subscription, and the opportunities that they present to explore various cultures across the world open up the door for not just native creatives, but international ones as well. A platform this wide with such a variety is an amazing example to set the world, and it’s no surprise therefore that so many people attend every year and each festival continues to be renewed in both interest and funding