How We Spent our Holidays Video Editing, Gold Coast and Beyond!

During the holiday break, we …made a short film. Yeah. We had a break from work, so we worked some more! That’s right, we spent our holiday break video editing, Gold Coast, Logan and beyond!

At the risk of sounding obsessed, this project was different.

When we work with clients, we create a joint baby. It’s the coolest thing, however, we came to the point where we’d made so many joint babies that we decided we wanted our own. Ok, no more baby analogies.

It’s been a while since we flexed our creative muscle solely for ourselves, and the whole process of making Home Brew was infinitely rewarding. What better location to get involved with some filming in Logan and video editing Gold Coast and Brisbane?

Dan wrote the script, which we joke is semi-autobiographical, i.e. a comedy, and we shot it over 2 sweltering days in Logan.

Now we’ve put it in for a few festivals to see what comes of it. More excitingly, we’ve been feeling the creative juices flowing even more. Now that’s got to be a win-win for us and our clients, eh? ?

For behind-the-scenes photos, click here.

Peace out,

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