Video producers Gold Coast support for overseas crew

When our contact from Singapore approached us about doing a shoot in Australia, we were excited! As leading video producers Gold Coast and beyond, this meant an opportunity to work with old friends and make some new ones too.

For this project, we provided the production support. Production support usually includes pre-production groundwork and on-set support, a.k.a getting a local fixer. If a crew is planning an overseas (or sometimes interstate) shoot, it’s common to get a local fixer or producer on board.

The extent of production support differs from job to job. For this project, our video producers Gold Coast services included:

? Location recommendations, recces and bookings
? Talent casting and bookings
? Transport
? Organising filming permits
? Organising equipment and additional crew (grips, makeup artist)
? Sourcing for props
? On set support

Every shoot is a collaborative project and ultimately, it’s about a group of people coming together to create the best work possible. Ensuring we do the best we can so that the shoot goes smoothly and successfully is always top priority.

It can be a bit of a mad rush but that’s part of the fun ?

On shoot day, our beautiful Gold Coast turned on her full charm, so much so that Burleigh Beach looked unreal. The Singapore crew commented that the beach was so perfect it almost looked green-screened! We had a good laugh about that. The shoot went really well and the crew was happy with the footage they got.

Post-shoot, we took them to Miami Marketta to unwind and have a relaxed feed. It was great working with this crew and we are looking forward to the next one! ☀️