Our latest Television Advertising Gold Coast Commercial for Cavill Lane

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Being around food always makes us happy

Anyone else feels that this first quarter has just ZOOMED past? Ours certianly has, with the help of some fantastic television advertising Gold Coast clients!

It’s been happily hectic, and we’d like to share our latest TVC which is out now on Prime7 and NBN channels. This is one close to our hearts. In fact, you could even say it’s part of our DNA because it’s an Asian food TVC! This was for Chop Chop Asian Street Food Market. It’s at Cavill Lane, Surfers Paradise, right next to Hilton hotel. It’s a revamped venue with an amazing array of Asian food and an open seating area. Full of yum and very cool.

Our concept was to create a piece showcasing Chop Chop buzzing with energy. Also, highlighting its location was important as we needed viewers to be able to place it in their minds when they watched the television advertising on the Gold Coast. Cavil Lane is renowned as a hidden wonderland for street vendors and amazing resteraunts alike. We were beyond excited to utilise this location in our TVC work!

This was a 2 day shoot, with the first covering its launch event, and the second focusing on getting the food shots. You may be thinking, a 2 day shoot just to get 30 seconds?! It sounds excessive, but the thing about a 30 second TV commercial is that every millimetre in every frame has to be meticulously crafted. It has to look absolutely perfect for it to catch your eye!

In all, the shoot went well and we had fun cutting it together and seeing it come alive. And now it’s on your screens! Many thanks to our client for giving us the creative freedom and trusting us with this project ?

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