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When you hire Bordertown Films for your video production Gold Coast, you get much more than professionally-produced content.

You gain a valuable resource that your Gold Coast business can use to grow its customer base. If you haven’t considered video as part of your marketing strategy, you could be missing a significant amount of sales.
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The right commercial or short film can boost your customer base and increase your reach across multiple platforms. The following are just a few reasons why your business should think about using video:


Most people will not take the time to read paragraphs in a print ad or article. This is especially true today with a focus on short snippets over walls of text. Our video production services Gold Coast wide include helping you present your message quickly and with a higher chance of viewer engagement. We can set the mood and build an emotional connection to your product or service. If you want consumers to remember your brand, then you need it to elicit a feeling from them. Through atmosphere, action, audio, and visual elements, Bordertown can capture the essence of your message and make it memorable in the minds of your target audience.


Businesses need to build an identity. They want to send a message about who they are to consumers. Some prefer a more playful or amusing persona with comedic commercial content that makes viewers laugh. Others prefer a serious approach, letting consumers know that they can count on their product or service in times of need or to solve a problem. The tone of your reputation will depend on who you are and what you sell. Bordertown is ready to help mold your image with the best video production services Gold Coast has to offer.


One of the biggest benefits of marketing videos is the ability to reach customers on multiple platforms. Your commercial can air on television and be posted to social media and other online spaces. Consumers can find and re-watch or share with friends and family instantly. You get a powerful advertising resource as well as a higher return on your marketing investment



While many commercials just make viewers click ‘skip’, great commercials incite emotion and become part of our culture. We all remember the series of anti-drink driving ads, “If you drink, then drive, you’re a bloody idiot”, which is a phrase we still say to this day.

And that’s why we love making commercials. It’s where we really get a chance to flex our creative muscle. Whether it’s an emotive PSA, light-hearted comedy, or aspirational tourism campaign, we are passionate about coming up with creative concepts that bring your message to life.

We are a full service video production company not only in Gold Coast but also we service in Video production Sydney, Video production New Castle, Video production Cairns and more, which means we are with you right from concept development through to editing and final delivery. Being massive film geeks gives us a solid foundation to launch our cinematic approach. We are constantly pushing ourselves to create the most engaging content that cuts through the noise and helps your brand stand out from the crowd.

Having worked with clients from the Gold Coast to Korea, our international experience also means we understand the nuances of developing and creating tailored content that best suits each unique target audience.


Event videos are great content marketing pieces. Whether it’s a 3-day conference or a fast paced sporting event, these videos capture your business in action. Viewers see you in your element, so it’s crucial to present you at your best. This is when a well-executed event video can truly elevate your brand.

Having done all kinds of event videos from product launches to sporting competitions, we are confident in creating videos that will help you strengthen your customer base and reach new potential ones.

Our approach to event videos is not simply to capture event footage. Because we shoot and edit in house, we are experienced in knowing how best to craft a video that will keep viewers watching. This informs the way we shoot and what moments we look out for. We pride ourselves on always finding the best angles to shoot any location.

What you’ll get is a well-told story that shows off the event’s atmosphere at its best, highlights core company messaging and importantly, engages your viewers.


There are many ways to showcase a Gold Coast property, from aspirational lifestyle videos to epic drone fly throughs and open house events.

We love incorporating stylish graphics into our property videos, we find it is a great way to present information and visually identify property boundaries and key features.


Thinking of shooting in Queensland and don’t know where to start? That’s where production support service comes in.

Production support is a whole suite of services provided by a local fixer or production company to support an international or interstate client’s shoot.

Although most things can be planned remotely these days, having local knowledge and someone on the ground can be crucial to the success of a video project.


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Our client, Sanctuary Cove, approached us to try and quash the perception “that the community was just a place for people looking to enjoy their retirement and a place to spend their golden years”. When in fact, Sanctuary Cove is home to people from all walks of life, who love the boutique, vibrant, village lifestyle. We knew we were up to the challenge and we set out to effectively encapsulate that message in a video campaign. 



Our friends at digital agency Tailored Media and client Fisiocrem needed an effective video campaign that would target Aussie mums.

Research shows that when it comes to buying personal products such as sports rubs, mums are the ones who ultimately make the decision. Also Aussie mums are usually fit and active, so they themselves are also an end user and a key demographic.

We needed someone Aussies mums could relate to and connect with. Enter Fisiocrem brand ambassador, Olympic gold medallist and mother of 2, Libby Trickett. Libby was the perfect blend of being someone who is aspirational and a down to earth mum.




In 2016 I moved back to Australia after spending 10 years working in Singapore. After spending so long abroad I was undeniably home sick and keen to soak up everything I’d missed. So this is like my love letter to Australia and contains a lot of the things I love about it: mateship, mullets and beer!

This is a film about Baz, a quirky inventor who invents a beer that makes one smarter, better looking and gives you incredible hand eye coordination, finally!



Our client NCPG (National Council of Problem Gambling) approached us with their problem of connecting with a younger demographic. The soccer world cup was fast approaching and they wanted to get an awareness campaign out there to warn the public of the dangers of gambling.

They had done previous campaigns with a more serious tone, that was not received well by the public. So for this campaign they wanted to try something different, we suggested comedy.




To create a compelling video that captures the scope, scale, energy and drama of an international strongman competition in one day!

I’d never heard of static lifting before, when I first heard of it, I thought it would involve a bunch of geeks sitting around a TV trying to tune it. How wrong I was. Static lifting is similar to weight lifting at the Olympics but with a rustic barnyard twist, with events like the Log Lift and Axle Dead Lift.

Static Monsters is the biggest strongman competition of its kind with competitors from all over the world. The event was held at HOTA on the Gold Coast over one day.


Of course! Sometimes it’s good just to talk through some ideas. You might even find out you don’t absolutely need a video at this point! Perhaps you’re better off putting the money towards some SEO or Facebook ads for the moment. Don’t worry, we know what it’s like to be a small business, you need to make every dollar count, and we’ll make sure you get the right advice that suits you.

Videos come in all shapes and sizes and are costed accordingly. Some simple property videos can cost as little as $600, while high end TV commercials can cost tens of thousands. As a ballpark though, most mid-range videos cost between $5-10 thousand. However the thing to note is, we’re always willing to work within your budget. We can help make suggestions ensuring you get the most bang for your buck. If you’d like a more in depth exploration on how much videos cost have a look our blogpost here.

While we can produce videos in a few days if needed, usually allow for around 3-4 weeks from the first phone call to final video delivery. However depending on what type of video, the length of time may vary. Larger productions that involve scripts and talents typically take longer because we need to ensure our clients are 100% happy before we head into shoot.

Going on shoot is where all the action happens, it’s when we rock up to location with our cameras, lights and crew. While some videos can take days to shoot, typical shoots usually go for 1 day.

Any production, whether it is a corporate video, TV commercial, TV show or movie, can be broken down into 3 distinctive periods: Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production.


The process before the shoot day is known as Pre-Production and is a crucial stage because it’s where we help our clients craft their story and decide on the look and feel of the video. It’s where we decide on the concept: what do we want to say? What’s at the core of the story? It’s where we decide what talents to use. Are they going to be internal staff or hired actors? What are they going to be wearing? What are they going to say? Where are we going to shoot? This is really important to lock down before the shoot day because that’s where most of the budget is spent, on the equipment, cast and crew.


You’ve decided on the style, locked down the script, chosen your talent, decided on the location and prayed for good weather, now the big day comes where you marshal the troops and head into shoot. Being on set really is a magical experience. There’s a crackle in the atmosphere when the cameras roll, it’s where all the effort in pre-production pays off and you see your ideas come to life.


This is where our editors sit down with the hours of raw footage, sift through the bloopers and craft the story. It’s where we select the most beautiful shots, find the moments, the best soundbites and put it to music. We then come down to your office with some bags of popcorn, dim the lights and show you the masterpiece. Of course, it’s not done yet. You may prefer a different music track or a different soundbite, we’ll work with you until it’s something you absolutely love.